How I Tried To Run 5km For The First Time

Most weekends especially on Saturdays, I always spend time with my friends at city parks may be walking, jogging or just chatting about business and politics. But on one Saturday morning, I woke up with a funny feeling. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do, should I go for a walk with my friends or not?


I asked this question to myself for several times until I came to a conclusion. Since I had bought new running shoes online (, I should try to go for a short marathon of about 5 km. This idea was not that much fun to my friends but I still consider it to be the best.

I phoned my friends to ask them to join me for a run but they refused. I didn’t lose hope; I removed my pajamas and put on my sports cloths and shoes. At first I was not that comfortable while running since those shoes were very tight thus squeezing my feet inside it. I realized that I tightened them strongly so I loosen them a bit.

I continued to run but I encountered some challenges such as lack of holding breathes since it was my first time to go for a 5km run. This kept me to stop for a while so that I can relax. Although I had some challenges going for this run, it has really improved the condition of my body by removing excess calories and fats. I really enjoyed it.

A fast opponent in squash, requires a faster reaction (my personal experience)


How do you like your reaction when you play squash? NO! How can you increase your speed, speed of your reaction while you are playing squash, matters the most.

Why? Because just as soon as you hit the ball, a fast back and forth motion; situation exists in squash court. Thus, first thing you need to know about this game is how to increase your speed level.

You must always come back to the center when you hit the ball because center is the short cut to the wall infront and the walls on the side, and remember if you want to defeat an aggressive squash player you need to get the control of the center.

Always with a drive shot you can certainly get the control of the center. Try to have your own drive tactic the way that you will know where the ball will end up.

And again, remember try to get yourself to the center as soon as possible.

Another tactic is alternating long and short shots. Because by alternating shots you can create a triangle and you can mess up with your opponent’s mind. He can’t predict where the ball will land when you make a long shot, or when you make a short shot. Even if he is so fast, but your shot can create fast triangle and that would be to your benefit because you may score, by keeping him confused.

Squash shoes ( how to select the right shoes for squash – )must be comfortable and they shouldn’t be tight. Because when you play, your feet may swell. Try NOT to tighten them up so hard. Remember, you are not running straight. You are moving up and down, left and right, back and forth. It is extremely important to buy proper shoes to absorb shocks and keep your feet comfortable.

Brands like Adidas, Ektelon, and Karakal.

A fast squash player can get the control of the game. For you by knowing the strategies about this game first, and then try to increase your speed can help you to win the game.

When you exercise always focus on speed and reaction. Make a fast drive and then try to move so fast and practice. Probably fifty times on a specific move during every squash-court session.

Always predict when you hit the ball when will the ball land and try to move in that direction, that way you can get the control of the game.

Squash is almost like martial arts, in martial arts counter attack is a winning factor, in squash, also a counter attack will make you to win. Meaning, be faster than your opponent. If you learn how to hit the ball faster you will win.

Another tactic is to confuse your opponent using side walls. If the opponent is fast, make him confuse by hitting the ball to the side walls more, that way you can confuse him and you will reduce his speed.

Most of the fast opponents know the court and movements of their opponents. Try to use tactics and techniques that has never been used by any one. For example, try to drive the ball from the very far corner of the court diagonal toward the target wall, even though it may not be a fast shot, but it may confuse your opponent.

My Dog Likes to Eat Blueberries!

poodle Eat Blueberries

I have a tawny colored miniature poodle that is about 5 years old. I’m not sure of his exact age as I adopted him from the local animal shelter several years ago. Barney is a pretty finicky eater. I suppose I contributed to that as I always feed him a portion of whatever I’m eating. Sometimes chicken, other times steak. As far as canned food, Barney can either take it or leave it. It’s never very surprising to see an untouched bowl of food, even though I spend a fortune on top of the line fare for him. No particular food held any real interest for him. I tried canned food with gravy, fruit, or vegetables. I tried chunky food and mashed food.

One day last summer, I was having a backyard get together. Barney gets pretty excited over these events. He knows barbeques mean hotdogs and hamburgers for him. People food, yummy! That day, I had decided to mix up a drink using frozen blueberries. I took the blueberries out of the freezer, and set them on the counter so I could begin my preparation. Barney started acting really weird, and began to bark, yip, and jump up and down. I held up one of the frozen blueberries in my hand, and Barney really went crazy. I did a quick internet search to find out if blueberries were safe for dogs to eat. The answer I found here Sure enough, they’re fine, even healthy for them.

So, I gave Barney one of the frozen blueberries, and that was the start of a new love affair for him. Barney begged for more, and was not satisfied until he ate about 10 of them! I barely had enough left over to make one frozen drink, but I’m never one to deny my precious Barney. And, that’s how my dog started to eat blueberries. He hasn’t stopped eating them since that day and insists on the frozen kind no matter what the season.

Jeff Dunham – American ventriloquist, producer, and stand-up comedian

Jeff Dunham and AchmedJeff Dunham is an American comedian who most famous for incorporating his ventriloquist skills into his stand-up routines. Dunham has been named America’s favorite comedian, and has a net worth of $100 million. But, Dunham wasn’t always as popular and successful as he is now. So, continue to learn how Dunham became one of America’s most beloved and successful comedians.

Early Life

Dunham was born in Dallas, Texas and was adopted by real estate appraiser, Howard Dunham, when he was three months old. At the age of eight, Dunham began ventriloquism after his parents gave him a dummy for Christmas. By the time Dunham was in fourth grade, he declared that he wanted to become a professional ventriloquist, and would practice for hours in front of a mirror. He became so passionate about ventriloquism that when he was in sixth grade, he began attending the Vent Haven ConVENTion in Kentucky. The Vent Haven ConVENTion was a ventriloquist meeting and competition. Eventually, the organizers declared that Dunham could not enter any more competitions, and was a retired champion, as other attendees would not want to compete against him because he was so talented. Once Dunham was a teenager, he began performing at various venues.

Dunham attending Baylor University, where he would perform for people on campus, as well as fly around the country on weekends. Dunham was so talented, that by his junior year of college, he was making approximately $70,000 a year. After spending years living in Texas, and touring when he could, Dunham moved to Los Angeles, California in 1988. During his early years in California, Dunham studied successful and renowned comedians’ performances, and began shifting his routine from G-Rated material to edgier themes.

Early 2000’s

From 1988 to the early 2000’s, Dunham continued to master his craft and fine tune what his stand-up routines would discuss. Then, on July 18, 2003 Dunham landed an appearance on Comedy Central’s show, Comedy Central Presents. His half hour slot showcased Dunham’s following characters; Jose Jalapeno on a stick, Walter, Melvin the Superhero Guy, and Peanut. Although his performance was successful, Comedy Central did not give Dunham another time slot, as they felt that his act was not suitable for Comedy Central.

Then, in 2005, Dunham decided to finance his own comedy DVD, Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself. His manager convinced Comedy Central to air it, and the special earned just as high ratings as the Blue Collar Comics concert movie, which aired that year, did. Two years later, Dunham filmed his second special, which featured his character Achmed the Dead Terrorist. Achmed and Dunham became a viral internet sensation, and proved Dunham’s ability to push standards and boundaries. One year later, Dunham began performing in arenas with thousands of people.

2009 to Today

In 2009, Dunham signed an enormous deal with Comedy Central, which included; a stand-up special, DVDs, consumer products, a 60-city tour, and a television series called The Jeff Dunham Show. Dunham completed all parts of the deal within a year, and since then has taped a few more specials, as well as guest starring on many late-night shows, and television shows. Currently, you can watch Dunham’s specials, and catch him at one of his stand-up performances.

A few photography tricks for the newbies

A few photography tricks for the newbiesOnce you’ve discovered how to prevent the notorious “red-eye” problem, there are nevertheless quite a few ways to produce improved images. Digital camera back drop, structure, visibility improvements, and so on… taking pictures is a continuous, fascinating experience.

Perhaps you have been taking digital photography that you realize could have been somewhat more successful than they ended up? It can happen to all anybody – and also to the professional photographers. There are some techniques you can apply to make your pictures look better.

One of the most primary of camera techniques is to get into what might be within the frame of a viewfinder – the entire frame. Do not neglect all the corners, observe out for things that will appear as “Horns” protruding of the topics head and damage your picture. Take a look at the digital camera backdrop. Only the azure sky, for instance, behind just one topic tosses off along with balance of the picture and reduces look and feel. Observe the natural summarize of your topic. Do you think it looks more horizontal? Picture it like that… Then try a little research… move the camera vertical to see whether a straight photo may have greater impact than a horizontally taken of exactly the same topic. Assess photographing a vertical subject horizontally. It just may end up fantastic! You could also try putting the subject off to the edge, instead of in the center of the frame.

piazza dei miracoliFor people who have worked with analog cameras for some time and are just moving to digital cameras, there are a lot of elements to know about digital images. Every single photo in the digital camera includes specific data that you ought to fully understand to be able to better adapt configurations and get better final results in your images. A lot of modern digital cameras boost resolutions to high extent. If you could afford an expensive camera, always activate the highest resolution you can for taking pictures – acquiring more details in advance is generally better compared to losing information regarding the photo. You ought to stay away from using the JPEG file format if you have to print out or in any manner adjust the picture you have taken. Modifying should be carried out on RAW or TIFF documents. Needless to say, TIFF and particularly RAW files use up plenty of space so ensure that you have enough memory cards to keep the images.

Do you want to be better at sharpening your pictures? Nowadays, image editing application incorporate standard sharpening options that will assist you. The Unsharp Mask instrument is standard in numerous photo editing applications, such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Paintshop. Generally, when you utilize the Unsharp Mask, you may control 3 aspects – the Radius, Amount and Threshold. Try to play with these 3 elements to get the ideal level of sharpening in a picture. Employ adequate sharpening however don’t exaggerate. Sharpening a picture too much might make the edges in the image too “aggressive” or noticeable.

Parklets? Yes Please.



Parklets are a brilliant use of existing infrastructure. The idea is simple. Convert an existing street parking space (or two) into an urban destination. This example from Long Beach was installed as an extension of the adjacent Lola’s restaurant dining area. The improvements cost about $20,000 and have been a boon for the restaurant which had no outdoor dining until the City offered this pilot program. This was the first of it’s kind in all of southern California and other Cities are struggling to keep pace with Long Beach. Los Angeles has 4 parklets in the planning phases.

Here in San Diego we have no such urban destinations.. At least not yet. North Park’s planning committee will be deciding today whether they will approve the installation of the City’s first parklet. With North Park’s recent designation as the nation’s thirteenth best hipster neighborhood by Forbes, they would be loath to turn down such an opportunity.

Over the past year I have been advocating the design and installation of a parklet for Hillcrest. I serve on the Board of Directors for the Hillcrest Business Association and am active in our Beautification Committee where I have floated the concept on multiple occasions. Several businesses have expressed an interest and we hope to further our discussions in the coming weeks and months. We have also been approached by North Park’s parklet planners in an effort to combine our resources.

I also serve on the Board of the Uptown Community Parking District, I’m sure some of our board members would take issue with the “loss” of parking but I don’t see it that way. When you create more urban destinations like these you increase foot traffic and diversify the modes of transportation people use like walking, biking and transit.

The race is on for San Diego’s first Parklet and Hillcrest had better get in the game!

Quick update.. The North Park Planning Committee voted unanimously to approve the parklet and two bike corrals at last night’s meeting. Well done North Park!!

South America Vacations


South America vacations are a very interesting alternative has this is a rich continent filled with a mixture of traditions from Europe, Africa and Indigenous cultures. There are a number of natural wonders, as well as man-made architectural masterpieces such as Machu Pichu which is one of the 7 wonders of the world right in the heart of what was once the Incan Empire in Peru.

Native Civilizations

Many civilizations ruled these lands hundreds of years ago and left us a heritage of their work which now is used as tourist attractions. There’s the Machu Pichu in Peru, Colonial architecture in Colombia and Venezuela and caves whose walls have many paintings of hands in Argentina; paintings that can be calculated to be up to 10,000 years old show hunting scenes and hands small as those of a 13 year old.

As the history of South America show us, agriculture was already a very important practice of the indigenous but it improved as new seeds were brought in by the Europeans. Along with benefits came diseases that affected the local population along with forced labor thanks to the foreign nations who sought to exploit the local resources through mining and farming.

As indigenous had never developed immunities to the newly brought diseases, they were quickly replaced by African Slaves who eventually benefited South American culture as it is now thanks to African traditions getting mixed with local’s back then. Thanks to it there’s Cumbia which derived from a mating dance ritual performed by African slaves.

Colonies under Spanish Rule won their independence between 1804 and 1826 during the Spanish American wars of independence, being Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin the most important leaders of these struggles. Dom Pedro I, son of Portuguese King Dom Joao VI proclaimed Brazil’s independence in 1822, therefore becoming the country’s first Emperor.

South American Geography and Climate

The Andes is the world’s longest continental mountain range and covers the west end of the continent along the Pacific Coast where temperatures vary depending on the height. You can experience from tropical hot to mountain cold. The Amazonas River is the largest river in the world crosses the borders of Brazil, Peru and Colombia and gives you the chance to feel the jungle humid heat. On average, most popular cities experience average temperatures of 26 degrees Celsius.

The Titicaca Lake is one of the highest commercially navigable lakes in the world and serves as natural border between Peru and Bolivia; Lake Maracaibo, often considered an in-land extension of the Caribbean is located in Venezuela is the one of the oldest lakes in the world.

One of nature’s most fascinating phenomenons takes place over the narrow stretch that separates Lake Maracaibo from the Caribbean. Catacumbo lightning storms occur for about 10 hours a night, 140 to 160 nights a year. During this “lightning” season, this storm activity can be seen up to 400 km and has been used for ship navigation.

San Andres Colombia

San Andres Colombia

Are you looking for a beautiful, tropical island in the Caribbean?

San Andres Colombia may unfortunately, not be the choice. The sad truth is that the island is a bit tacky. This is a shame, because it has perfect sandy beaches and all the natural beauty of a perfect tropical island.

Why go there?

  • As the only gateway from Colombia to get to Providencia Island

I don’t want to push this island on you. Better find another of the many, gorgeous islands in the Carribean. Some recent hotel developments show more promise however, so maybe things will improve over time.

The further you get from the airport, the nicer things become. The town area didn’t appeal to me at all. It was congested, with too many people both in and out of the water. The town itself is not pretty.

We spent our honeymoon on the neighboring island of Providencia, a short flight away. Providencia is worth visiting and is much more quiet. We did layover for a night on San Andres, and were pleasantly surprised when we landed in Providencia after the letdown of the first island.

This type of destination in Colombia caters to tourists who choose package holidays and want organized events such as windsurfing classes etc. Food at the hotels tends to be mediocre. It can also be next to impossible to get out of your booking once you’ve given your credit card details.


Surprisingly far away from the Colombian mainland, the island’s location is geographically near Nicaragua, historically tied to England and politically part of Colombia. It’s the largest island in the country.


The nature is beautiful. We rented a small golf cart and drove around the whole island in a few hours. It gets calmer and idyllic as you head South, away from the main town and airport.

The island is fairly flat with some hills to the middle. We ended up going for a nice walk by a village known as La Loma toward the Southern end on the West side of the island, which was beautiful and quite charming.

Close to La Loma, and to give San Andres some credit, we had incredible shrimps in garlic with cold beer at a tiny restaurant you’d never guess made such good food. So yes, there are some gems.

The beaches are fantastic and surround most of the island.


There are too many of them who come on package tours. As the most pristine tropical island of Colombia, this makes sense but it’s a shame there aren’t more picture-perfect islands like this to choose from.

“El Centro”

The main town known as El Centro is where the airport and most of the hotels are located.

To the East, you’ll find San Luis which is a small tourist town with a decent stretch of white, sandy beach and traditional wooden houses. The calm water here makes it an ideal spot for snorkeling.


There are direct flights from Costa Rica, Panama and the larger airports in Colombia such as:

  • Bogota
  • Medellin
  • Cali
  • Cartagena


I find it difficult to recommend San Andres Colombia. Maybe one day it will become, a perfect island destination that belongs to Colombia, but that requires a lot change.

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