How I Tried To Run 5km For The First Time

Most weekends especially on Saturdays, I always spend time with my friends at city parks may be walking, jogging or just chatting about business and politics. But on one Saturday morning, I woke up with a funny feeling. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do, should I go for a walk with my friends or not?


I asked this question to myself for several times until I came to a conclusion. Since I had bought new running shoes online (, I should try to go for a short marathon of about 5 km. This idea was not that much fun to my friends but I still consider it to be the best.

I phoned my friends to ask them to join me for a run but they refused. I didn’t lose hope; I removed my pajamas and put on my sports cloths and shoes. At first I was not that comfortable while running since those shoes were very tight thus squeezing my feet inside it. I realized that I tightened them strongly so I loosen them a bit.

I continued to run but I encountered some challenges such as lack of holding breathes since it was my first time to go for a 5km run. This kept me to stop for a while so that I can relax. Although I had some challenges going for this run, it has really improved the condition of my body by removing excess calories and fats. I really enjoyed it.