A fast opponent in squash, requires a faster reaction (my personal experience)


How do you like your reaction when you play squash? NO! How can you increase your speed, speed of your reaction while you are playing squash, matters the most.

Why? Because just as soon as you hit the ball, a fast back and forth motion; situation exists in squash court. Thus, first thing you need to know about this game is how to increase your speed level.

You must always come back to the center when you hit the ball because center is the short cut to the wall infront and the walls on the side, and remember if you want to defeat an aggressive squash player you need to get the control of the center.

Always with a drive shot you can certainly get the control of the center. Try to have your own drive tactic the way that you will know where the ball will end up.

And again, remember try to get yourself to the center as soon as possible.

Another tactic is alternating long and short shots. Because by alternating shots you can create a triangle and you can mess up with your opponent’s mind. He can’t predict where the ball will land when you make a long shot, or when you make a short shot. Even if he is so fast, but your shot can create fast triangle and that would be to your benefit because you may score, by keeping him confused.

Squash shoes ( how to select the right shoes for squash – Squashhq.com )must be comfortable and they shouldn’t be tight. Because when you play, your feet may swell. Try NOT to tighten them up so hard. Remember, you are not running straight. You are moving up and down, left and right, back and forth. It is extremely important to buy proper shoes to absorb shocks and keep your feet comfortable.

Brands like Adidas, Ektelon, and Karakal.

A fast squash player can get the control of the game. For you by knowing the strategies about this game first, and then try to increase your speed can help you to win the game.

When you exercise always focus on speed and reaction. Make a fast drive and then try to move so fast and practice. Probably fifty times on a specific move during every squash-court session.

Always predict when you hit the ball when will the ball land and try to move in that direction, that way you can get the control of the game.

Squash is almost like martial arts, in martial arts counter attack is a winning factor, in squash, also a counter attack will make you to win. Meaning, be faster than your opponent. If you learn how to hit the ball faster you will win.

Another tactic is to confuse your opponent using side walls. If the opponent is fast, make him confuse by hitting the ball to the side walls more, that way you can confuse him and you will reduce his speed.

Most of the fast opponents know the court and movements of their opponents. Try to use tactics and techniques that has never been used by any one. For example, try to drive the ball from the very far corner of the court diagonal toward the target wall, even though it may not be a fast shot, but it may confuse your opponent.

My Dog Likes to Eat Blueberries!

poodle Eat Blueberries

I have a tawny colored miniature poodle that is about 5 years old. I’m not sure of his exact age as I adopted him from the local animal shelter several years ago. Barney is a pretty finicky eater. I suppose I contributed to that as I always feed him a portion of whatever I’m eating. Sometimes chicken, other times steak. As far as canned food, Barney can either take it or leave it. It’s never very surprising to see an untouched bowl of food, even though I spend a fortune on top of the line fare for him. No particular food held any real interest for him. I tried canned food with gravy, fruit, or vegetables. I tried chunky food and mashed food.

One day last summer, I was having a backyard get together. Barney gets pretty excited over these events. He knows barbeques mean hotdogs and hamburgers for him. People food, yummy! That day, I had decided to mix up a drink using frozen blueberries. I took the blueberries out of the freezer, and set them on the counter so I could begin my preparation. Barney started acting really weird, and began to bark, yip, and jump up and down. I held up one of the frozen blueberries in my hand, and Barney really went crazy. I did a quick internet search to find out if blueberries were safe for dogs to eat. The answer I found here http://petcomments.com/can-dogs-eat-blueberries/. Sure enough, they’re fine, even healthy for them.

So, I gave Barney one of the frozen blueberries, and that was the start of a new love affair for him. Barney begged for more, and was not satisfied until he ate about 10 of them! I barely had enough left over to make one frozen drink, but I’m never one to deny my precious Barney. And, that’s how my dog started to eat blueberries. He hasn’t stopped eating them since that day and insists on the frozen kind no matter what the season.